…the meeting place of the Sidhe

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Nubishwan jei’ali; nubiswan droga.

  Long ago it was, yet not so long ago that  I cannot remember...

In every corner of the world we dwell, obscured from human eyes. From before the time of human legend we have endured. You call us Elves, Fairies, the Fair Folk, angels, and demons; we call ourselves the Sidhe.  

We are warriors. We are priestesses and priests. We are healers. We are teachers. We are the guardians of the cave. We are the Lords of the Mists. We are the storytellers.

         We are the Weavers; we are the Web.


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So begins the saga of the Tuatha Dé Danann, the People of Dah’nu, which tells the very first story ever told. Herein lies the creation of the Sidhe, the starting point for a million years of mystery, tragedy, and magic.

The First Age was the age of the Capercaille, the lemur-like ancestors of the Sidhe, who lived in complete harmony with the Gra. For millions of years, they played and loved on the island of Annwn, until one fateful night when the Ast’ir Mah’rhi fell from the sky and changed the history of the world forever.  GET IT!!!

The door is open…come hear the tale of the greatest blessing ever bestowed upon the world…and the greatest curse.