…the meeting place of the Sidhe

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“From stars and sea we come; and so shall we return…but until that time shall come, from song and play we learn.”

Long ago it was, yet not so long ago that I can not remember…

On the black sand beaches of Anwnn the proto-sentient species of capercaille became the Sidhe. The first True Sidhe Danu and Arion discovered the power of the Astir Mari (Star of the Sea) and brought the wonder and terror of understanding to their people. All Queens of the Sidhe trace their heritage back in an unbroken line to this pair, the Adam and Eve of our people.

These first Sidhe are we, the Davanish, the Dhahva’anh Ishti, the Fellowship of the Holy Tree. In the lush gardens of Anwnn these first Sidhe thrived, led by Danu. With new understanding came ravenous curiosity; the brave and beautiful Danu led her young people across the sea to the mainland. Here the Sidhe divided and spread, but Karu Davanish remains the seed from which all other karui spring and the undisputed Karu of Queens.

So the tale is told and so I believe…