…the meeting place of the Sidhe

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Sinti is the main spoken and written language of the Sidhe. Most Sidhe speak standard, or Davanish Sinti, as well as their own tribal dialect.


In the Second Age, the bard Amfortas created the first written language of the Sidhe. Ancient Amrhan has all but died out, but Modern Amrhan is still the language of the Brionu Bards, the priest class of the Sidhe.


In the earliest days of the Sidhe, their ancestors the Capercaille did not speak, but communicated using vibrations that flowed from their minds and bodies. This “language” was known as Ceoltean and its written form is still studied by scholars in the hopes of someday divining its mysterious and hidden codes.

Coga (pron. Koah’ gah)



“A fight for spiritual freedom; jihad”