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“     Avery performs a arresting accomplishment of linguistic and cultural detective work, an arcane high-wire act, as she channels the Fair Folk, with affluent imagery.”

~Creative Writing and Translation


    It really was a lovely evening of storytelling, music making and conversation. The messages of your story were thought-provoking, but it was also engaging on a purely sonic level. Listening to the quality and rhythms of your voice felt sort of like getting a verbal massage, an easing of tension that allowed everyone to  relax and center, intellectually and spiritually. Your whole presentation struck me as a perfect integration of the intellectual, spiritual, emotional and sensual.

~Tom Robotham, VEER Magazine

     This book of poems and stories by Shannon Avery is a marriage of poetry, fiction, anthropology and ancient folklore that promises to amaze and mystify.

    For Avery, keeping the tradition of the Sidhe alive is a sacred calling.

~Elizabeth Kirwin, Fairies in America


    Not since Simon Wagstaff, known to many as the

Space Wanderer, first tripped to the planet Shaltoon

to confront his mortality has a more gripping and

concise tale defining the fall of humanity been

penned. No surprise that this modern day Iliad is

presented by Shannon Avery, now unchallenged

as the only legitimate scribe of the Sidhe Universe.

From the mystery of the Garden of Eden to the battle

chronicles of the war for decency, the poetry flows

forth in a hypnotic, noir dream daring the reader

to try and put this one down for even a minute.





Fairies in America


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